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What is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms are a new style of entertainment that encourages people to interact with each other, solving problems and puzzles without the distraction of social media. Each themed room at Twin Falls Escape Rooms will consist of a series of puzzles, locks and riddles with the ultimate goal of escaping the room and/or completing a specific task in the allotted 1 hour time limit. Each group or team that takes on the challenge will consist of 2-10 members. Due to the large number of tasks to be completed in the hour, it can be very helpful to assemble a team of 6-10 members so that they can work on multiple puzzles at the same time. You and your friends, family or coworkers will find out new things about each other and divide and conquer to maximize each players unique skill set during this challenge. You might even be surprised at the enormous amount of help your own children/parents can be at solving riddles that have you stumped. Twin Falls Escape Rooms offer an interesting way of bringing the very best out of each team member in an effort to collaborate on a winning solution.


GET a group of friends together and

Try to escape

Great for team building, problem solving, entertainment and tons of laughs.


Twin Falls Escape Rooms