The Neighbors

(Difficulty Level 5 out of 10)

Welcome to The Neighbors house! This strange family moved into this house about 4 months ago. The father and mother come and go from the house, but never speak to anyone. Their teenage boy never leaves the house. Not for school, sports or any other activities. However, a nosey neighbor notices that for some reason, the parents do leave with the boy on the second Tuesday of each month at 5:00pm. They then return home exactly one hour later.

Your team's mission is to help find out what these people are hiding and you must do so in the allotted 1 hour time frame before they return home. You really don't want to get caught trespassing in the home of The Neighbors!

The Silver City Bank Heist

(Difficulty Level 8 out of 10)

Back in 1898, the town of Silver City, Idaho was a flourishing and prosperous mining town.  Silver City was doing so well that it attracted visitors from all walks of life. Unfortunately, this included thugs, thieves and gangs of men looking to steal a quick buck. One of the most notorious gangs of the era was the Rattlesnake Gang. The gang consisted of four dastardly bandits: Buckaroo Bill Arbaugh, Sundown Samuel Gadsby, Itchy Trigger Price and their evil leader Doc "Fancy Man" Johnson. Although they were well known and wanted by every sheriff from the Snake River to the Idaho Panhandle, the Rattlesnake Gang thrived on their notoriety which explained their penchants for robberies in broad daylight. At high noon on June 1st, 1898, the gang succeeded in robbing the Silver City Bank. It is rumored that they got away with a million dollars in gold that was never recovered.

Fast Forward:

It is now 120 years later and the year is 2018. World renowned historian and professional treasure hunter, Benjamin Franklin Stokes, has discovered the location of the old Silver City Saloon. Benjamin believes that even though the Rattlesnake Gang were well known wanted men in Silver City that they may have hidden the treasure from their now famous Heist in their favorite hang out, The Silver City Saloon. He has invited you and your team of treasure hunters to the old dilapidated saloon to try and discover the location of the missing gold that is now worth at least a hundred million dollars.

BUT BEWARE! The saloon is in very poor shape and could cave in at any moment. You and your team must work together quickly to both locate the missing gold and get out in an hour or less to avoid becoming yet another piece of the Silver City history.